Why should I use Tenancy Guard instead of performing my own inventory?

The 'Deposit Dispute Service' (DPS) and 'The Dispute Service' (TDS) highlight the need to show that the person carrying out the inspection process was impartial. For instance, it could be argued that agents acting on behalf of landlords may have a conflict of interests and their impartiality could be in question. This is an important factor in the event of a legal dispute. Tenancy Guard offers a professional inventory service with absolute impartiality. In addition, our clerks are specifically trained to carry out this role. Book Online Here!

How can I be assured the Tenancy Guard service is reliable?

All Tenancy Guard specialists hold the 'Residential Inventory Management and Practice NFoPP Level 3 Technical Award' and boast vast experience in the property rental market. As a Ltd company we also have full public liability insurance. Book Online Here!

When does Tenancy Guard carry out the inspection and how does the process work?

It all depends on the type of service we perform. An interim inventory can be carried out at any time during a tenancy. However, our 'check-in' service is performed on the day that tenants' move into their rental property, prior to any personal possessions being brought in. This enables us to perform a thorough inspection without any existing damage being concealed by furniture. It is also important for us to capture the condition of the property at this stage, because damage to the property can occur when furniture enters the property (eg chips, scratches and scuffs to doorframes and walls). We also take accurate meter readings and physically photograph any keys that are handed over. Our 'check-out' service is performed on the day tenants' vacate their property (after possessions removed). Again, we inspect the property and record, photograph the condition accordingly. Meter readings are taken again and keys inspected. At this point, the tenant, landlord and/or agent have an impartial comprehensive report as to the condition of the property before and after the tenancy. Any discrepancies can then be addressed between the relevant parties. Book Online Here!

What's the difference between an 'inventory and 'check-in' report?

An 'Inventory' report is a detailed description of each area of the property and it's fixtures and fittings (carried out when the property is vacant). For instance, an inventory for a property entrance might say: "Mahogany painted wooden door with brass effect letter box flap, brass handle and Yale type lock".

The 'Check-in' report is perfomed on the day the tenant moves into the property. The condition and cleanliness of the areas described in the 'inventory' report are recorded and agreed by the tenant. For instance: "Brass handle worn, screw missing and jams when opened". In addition, meter readings, appliance manuals and keys are recorded and photograhped.

Why do I need a 'Check-in' report once I have an inventory done?

The 'Check-in' report relates to the cleanliness and condition of the property at the point a tenant moves-in. The inventory outlines the description of the property, its fixtures and fittings. Therefore, it isn't possible to have a 'Check-in' without a supporting inventory. Although, it's most cost-effective for these reports to be carried out on the same day.

What happens at 'Check-out'?

The check-out compares the condition at the end of the tenancy to that on the inventory and check-in reports. All rooms in the report will have a summary, photographs and detailed descriptions of any changes that have occurred in the property. We highlight all the differences for either the tenants/landlords attention (maintenance) or to "fair wear and tear". The report also notes final meter readings, compares keys returned to keys provided at the start of the tenancy.

How long does the inspection take?

It all depends on the size and condition of the property and whether it's furnished or not. Generally speaking between an hour or two. Also, on occasion we will send more than one inventory specialist to a property. Of course this reduces the length of time it takes to complete the inventory. So, if you're a tenant, landlord or agent and working to a tight schedule, we can produce an inspection in a short period of time without comprimising on quality and detail. After the inspection we complete the report within 24 hours and send it to you by email. Book Online Here!

How can I make a booking?

Simply complete our booking form form or call our local rate number.

Are weekend appointments available?

That one is easy...Yes!